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do it outdoors media is the largest national mobile billboard and field marketing company. With streamlined and scalable operations, do it outdoors can run its fleet of mobile billboards and field marketing efforts in any market across the U.S., also offering key staff stationed throughout the nation, including national account executives, operations team members, lead drivers, drivers, national field managers and brand ambassadors. Since 1997, the company has established itself on building key partnerships in the industry that help to produce more integrated and unique deliverables, including nearly any type of vehicle your campaign calls for.

When you combine OOH media with mobile display, the results soar. See why out-of-home and digital planners should get together.

AT&T launched a new selection of international wireless plans. To promote this new offering, they wanted to pinpoint marketing efforts in (7) major markets in Southwest border states–San Diego, Tucson, Yuma, Corpus Christi, Harlingen, Laredo, Odessa and San Antonio.

do it outdoors’ shadowfencing strategy was integrated with our mobile billboard’s GPS systems to serve complementary digital ads to those who entered the moving geofences, helping spread the word and encourage consumers to learn more about this new plan and sign up. Check it out!

Fashion brand CELINE dominated NYFW events and venues, the busy streets of Brooklyn and Manhattan and high fashion districts to turn heads…and generate buzz!

From Opening Day through Victory Parade, Supercuts dominated MLB season with a winning combination of mobile billboards, brand ambassadors and mobile display ad geofencing.

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