National InStore Media

National InStore Media (NINS) is the nation’s foremost In-store out-of-home media company, specializing in advertising and marketing to today’s communities. By posting signage and distributing pre-printed materials (e.g. brochures, coupons or take-ones) in retail locations. Our national network consists of Convenience Stores, Financial Service Centers (Check Cashing Stores), Community Medical Clinics, Laundromats and Barber/Beauty Salons and Specialty Stores in the top 50 markets in the United States. These venues allow advertisers to reach targeted consumers in their neighborhoods and in their language of choice. NINS simplifies the process for both the advertisers and their agencies by offering a turnkey program. Based on your specific needs, we will utilize our expertise to help you develop relevant advertising and marketing programs that are customized to meet your objectives and budget. NINS can be tailored geographically by markets, zip codes and or ethnicity to accommodate the client’s needs. Standard in-store posters are featured in prominent locations (windows, doors, and other high traffic areas), which makes every store our billboard and gives us the ability to be in any market, any city or any town in the US.
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