Mobile Hwy Advertising

Mobile Hwy Advertising Media Network provides a cost effective Worldwide advertising medium using Semi Tractor Trailer and ECO Friendly Wind Skirts. Wind Skirts that are required to be on every Semi Trailer by the end of 2018 in the USA. The Advertising Association of America states 56 percent say when they see an ad on the side of a truck, they perceive the company to be a successful one. Mobile Hwy Advertising has developed a proprietary device and software application that offers an exclusive tracking method used in our Proof of Performance Reports. Using Proximity Marketing “SMART COUNT” can count any smart device, i.e. cell phone, tablet etc.… that come with 100 feet of the Trailer Skirt Advertising. All Semi Tractor Trailers have built in GPS Tracking that are matched with our National Database of traffic counts to provide reach and frequency. CPM for your Mobile Hwy Advertising campaign on Trailer Skirts program is Mobile Hwy Ads way of keeping your CPM below $1.00
Mobile Hwy Advertising 2018 Media Kit