ADSKINZ is the first and best in the outdoor advertising industry to offer highly accurate, geo-targeted ads on the backs of high-mileage vehicles, including rideshare, delivery, and commuter vehicles. By doing so, we’ve been able to penetrate markets and improve brand awareness and recall for brands in a way no other form of advertising has been able to achieve. With ADSKINZ, your ad isn’t going unnoticed on the side of the road like with other forms of outdoor advertising – it’s being placed directly in front of millions of potential customers whose attention isn’t drawn elsewhere, like their smartphones.

We’ve created a network of thousands of drivers nationwide who are not only gaining you exposure by being your mobile brand platform, but who are your potential customers and brand ambassadors, spreading your name to their friends, family, and people who ask about your ad. By using a strategically selected mix of high-mileage drivers and drivers employed near high-traffic areas, such as gas stations, we’re able to offer you a dynamic, ever-moving, high-visibility advertising channel that will actually talk about you.

Your ADSKINZ campaign will constantly remind people you’re there, whether they’re on the road, at the mall, at the gas station, or at the grocery store. This is top-of-mind awareness and branding at its finest. There is no better way to create direct response, especially with outdoor advertising. We constantly outperform billboards nearly 5 to 1, and most every other form of advertising out there.