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Our partners are direct suppliers of media that offer customized campaigns that suit your clients' needs with local, regional, and national coverage available.
Targeting capabilities and tools through our media suppliers that can be used on various campaigns include: zip code, city, state, block targeting, MSA, DMA, geo coding, census information data, distance, income, ethnic (examples: Hispanic, African American, Asian, Filipino, etc...) and country of origin targeting. Targeting capabilities vary by product. Each company offers POP (proof of performance) upon campaign completion.

All OOH Media USA campaign contracts are written directly on the underlying media supplier providing the media, which allows us to pass through all insurance coverage of the supplier and offer you the best available rate. Payment terms and conditions vary by media and providing supplier.

To visit our supplier websites please click on its logo below.

Flat Ads
Russells USA
Russells Creative
America Media

Sports Media
Universal Media
National InStore Media
Media CanDo

Oscar Bravo Media

Razzle Dazzle Graphics, Inc.
National InStore Digital
Dakdan Entertainment

University Marketing & Promotions

My Cup Counts